Orders will be delivered within 3 – 5 working days after they have been processed.
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Contract Production

We specialise in the contract manufacture of Gin, Rum, Vodka and other products in the following categories:

"Premium", "Scale" and "Accessible".



Produced using high quality imported packaging materials with no expense spared for label artwork. Instrinsics include hand crafted spirits, finest botanicals globally sourced in order to achieve award-winning quality – matching the customers expected product. Think Ginologist Citrus Gin.



Locally-soured bottles and resources put towards decoration and design. High-quality produced spirits. Think Tanqueray, Cruze etc. Aimed at achieving competitive pricing while still delivering a premium product.



Well-priced with minor flavour changes according to customer specifications, locally produced bottles and packaging – think Gordons Gin.

Ginologist - CLD - Logo

Ready To Drink (RTDs):

Spirit and Wine Coolers: 440ml cans as well as bottles.

CLD offers a complete contract production solution, managing the entire supply chain to deliver the completely packaged product, ready ship. This also includes Ready To Drink (RTD) Spirit and Wine coolers.

Our customers include just about any person or company that is looking for White Label, Private Label / Brand, Signature or Limited Edition products.  

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Product Development Process

CLD believes in a process of co-creation where brand owners are intimately involved in the development of their products and the final outcome.


Product Vision (1 Day)

Establish name, branding and product style, incuding key botanicals.


Product Development (2-4 Weeks)

Initiate product packaging design Develope gin intrinsics (style & taste).


Production (3-4 Weeks)

Order glass, corks, labels and cartons. Distil and filter gin.

The longest lead-times in the above process are the design of the product and ordering the glass and cork. If the bottle is decided early in the process the bottle and cork can be ordered whilst product development takes place, saving 2/3 weeks.

Bulk spirits also available in our Premium, Scale and Accessible categories – get in touch for more information.

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